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9+1 Stories

  1. Hold on me [Kratisou apo mena]
  2. The habit [H sinithia]
  3. What to write to you [Ti na sou grapso]
  4. We went through so much [Posa perasame]
  5. Destruction and hope [Katastrofi ki elpida]
  6. People [Atoma]
  7. Now or now [Tora i Tora]
  8. Don't call me [Mi me fonaxis]
  9. Away from the storm [Makria ap' tin trikimia]

         + J.A.C.E. [Song from the so-called film by Menelaos Karamaghiolis]

"I dedicate this little Odyssey of mine to all the people who worked for this album for the patience, faith, love and passion I met in our four-year old company.

This project started with the crisis in our lives and daily routines. Friendships were ruined and new friendships emerged. Loves were lost and other loves got stronger. Common pathways became solitary and lonely paths were filled with light and affection.

It ends with the hope of tomorrow more vibrant and more necessary than ever ... "



The album contains songs of Themis Karamouratidis, Lida Roumani, Nikos Portokaloglou, Nikos Moraitis, Stathis Drogossis and Chris Deligiannis. Vassilis Papakonstantinou features in the album performing the duet “Hold on me” with Eleftheria.

The album is produced by Eleftheria Arvanitaki and is released by MLK.

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